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Raise money for your organization with 2 Men and a Pig's Boston Butt Fundraising program. You sell 'em, we cook 'em! 


We have worked schools, bands, athletic teams, churches, Boy and Girl Scouts, and many other organizations to help raise money through the sale of our award winning boston butts. 


How It Works


You choose a date when you would like your supporters to pick up. We will then work with you to schedule your event and supply you with a flyer and information you can use to promote and sell. You choose how much to sell the butts for and begin selling. We sell the butts to your group at a reduced, wholesale rate, which allows you to make money on each butt you sell. 


As your delivery/pick up date nears, you let us know how many you have sold and we will work out with you the final details. We will cook the butts and deliver to you in coolers on the pre-scheduled date.

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