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2 Men And A Pig Our Story

Our Que'n Story

In 2005 three lifelong friends decided to take up Competition Barbecue as a hobby. One of these guys is nicknamed "Pig" and thus the name, 2 Men and a Pig. As time progressed we continued to compete and then started receiving requests for BBQ catering which we proudly obliged.

Eventually as the years passed, we were approached by a local business person who also had a desire to compete and cater in the barbecue arena. His dream? Combine forces, incorporate, buy a commercial smoker, a food trailer, and a food truck and build a dream. 

To our pleasant surprise his dream started to become reality. Now 2 Men And a Pig offers full service BBQ catering, food truck operations, vending, fundraisers, concession stand operations, and we still compete on an occasion where it all started.

We are often asked, "What is 2 Men and a Pig up to this week?" Whether we are catering, competing, vending, or working concessions, we always answer, "Just Que'n"


Hungry for Some Q?

Of course you are! And after you try Two Men and a Pig's BBQ ribs, pork, brisket and chicken, you'll be stuffed like a pig!


But you better save some room for our mouth watering, award worthy, bread pudding!

2 Men and a Pig has competed since 2005 on the KCBS and BCA BBQ Circuits. We have won multiple Grand and Reserve Championships and how many Top 5 finishes as well as multiple 1st Place Category finishes. We have slowed down a good bit on the competition trail but we have plans to return soon. 



"We helped a friends kid with a fundraiser and bought a butt from 2 Men and it was one of the best butts I have ever had. I plan on going back as often as possible to keep these guys in business. So good!"

William Kirk

"The wings are rub in your hair fantastic. Game day specials are perfect!!"

Aaron Conley

"Best BBQ chicken and BBQ pork ever! Thanks for serving Medical West Hueytown...come back!!"

Martha herring

"Always great no matter what it is! Favorite is bread pudding! Mmmmm!"

Debbie Combs


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